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2018, Cilt 9, Sayı 2, Sayfa(lar) 192-194
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Primary Intradural Extramedullary Lumbal Spinal Tuberculoma
Kağan Tun1, Berker Cemil2, Tuncer Göker3, Aydın Sav4, Mehmet Yavuz5
1AAcibadem University, SHMYO, Eskişehir Acibadem Hospital, Brain and Nerve Surgery, Eskişehir, Turkey
2Medicalpark Ankara Hospital, Brain ve Nerve Surgery, Ankara, Turkey
3Acibadem Hospital Eskişehir, Brain and Nerve Surgery, Eskişehir, Turkey
4Acibadem University, Pathology, İstanbul, Turkey
5Radmer Imaging Center, Radiological, Eskişehir, Turkey
Keywords: Intradural, extramedullary, lumbal, tuberculoma

Tuberculosis is an important pathological entity in developing countries with increased incidence. Non-osseous spinal cord tuberculomas can be found as extradural, intradural extramedullary, or intramedullary lesions. It has been estimated that intradural spinal tuberculomas comprise only 2–5% of central nervous system tuberculomas. A 31-year-old woman presented with a 2-month history of progressive paraparesis. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed an intradural, extramedullary lesion at L3-S2 levels with high contrast enhancement. Following operation, pathological examination of the lesion revealed granulomas with multinucleated and Langhans-type giant cells, and caseation necrosis typical of a tuberculoma. In the differential diagnosis of cauda equina lesions, primary intradural extramedullary tuberculomas should be considered as a rare entity.