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Acıbadem Üniversitesi Sağlık Bilimleri Dergisi 2014 , Vol 5, Issue 1
Original Article
Oral Mucositis and Life Quality In Cancer Patients Original Article
Pages 024-030
The Healthcare Quality and Hospital Information Management System: a Sample From Turkey Original Article
Pages 031-037
Mri Assessment of Fetal Posterior Fossa Original Article
Pages 038-042
Intraoral Localized Reactive Hyperplastic Lesions In Sivas Original Article
Pages 043-047
To Determine The Knowledge Level About Spiritual Care and Spirituality of Nurses Original Article
Pages 048-053
Determination of Preoperative Anxiety Levels On Women Scheduled For Caesarean Delivery Original Article
Pages 054-058
The Knowledge and Practices of Mothers With 6 Month-Old Babies Related With The Transition To Solid Complementary Feeding Food and Breastfeeding Original Article
Pages 059-065
Hypersensitivity To Standard Contact Allergens In Patients With Cutaneous Lichen Planus Original Article
Pages 066-069
Low Back Pain Among Nurses Working In Kirklareli and The Associated Factors Original Article
Pages 070-076
Prevalance of Migraine and Affecting Sociodemographic Factors In Pubertal Children Original Article
Pages 077-080
Case Report
A Rare Cause of Unilateral Hydronephrosis Case Report
Pages 081-083
Treatment of Rectourethral Fistula By The York Mason Technique: Report of a Case Case Report
Pages 084-087
Testicular Epidermoid Cyst: a Case Report and The Review of The Literature Case Report
Pages 088-090