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Acıbadem Üniversitesi Sağlık Bilimleri Dergisi 2013 , Vol 4, Issue 3
Original Article
Does Nearinfrared Spectroscopy Really Measure Exact Tissue Oxygen Saturation? Original Article
Pages 115-117
Retrospective Evaluation of The Urgency of Patients Admitted To The Emergency Department By Ambulance Original Article
Pages 118-122
Effect of Breathing On Contralateral Breast Doses In Patients With Breast Carcinoma Receiving Radiotherapy Original Article
Pages 123-127
Adolescent Marriage and Pregnancy: Sample of Eastern Black Sea Original Article
Pages 128-131
A Study For The Evaluation of The Role of Executive Leadership At Professional Life and An Institutionalization Process of a Hospital Original Article
Pages 132-135
Case Report
Rectal Metastasis of Prostate Cancer Case Report
Pages 138-141
Intraoperative Anaphylactic Reaction During Renal Hydatid Cyst Operation: Case Report Case Report
Pages 142-144
Contrast Induced Nephropathy Can Be Surpassed With Meticulous Attention Even In Patients With Severe Renal Dysfunction Case Report
Pages 145-147
Unexpected Acute Severe Anemia In a Jehova's Witness Patient After Peripheral Vascular Surgery: Treatment Challenges and Dilemmas Case Report
Pages 148-153
Stereotactic Biopsy For a Brainstem Tumor Through a Contralateral Transfrontal Extraventricular Approach Case Report
Pages 154-156
Endometriosis of The Sigmoid Colon Mimicking Colon Cancer Case Report
Pages 157-160
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