Acıbadem Üniversitesi Sağlık Bilimleri Dergisi 2020 , Vol 11, Issue 4
Care On Fingertip: Mobile Application and Usage In Care of Schizophrenia Patients
Buse Çetinkaya1,Esra Uslu2
1Nuh Naci Yazgan Üniversitesi, Ruh Sağlığı ve Psikiyatri Hemşireliği, Kayseri, Türkiye
2Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi, Ruh Sağlığı ve Psikiyatri Hemşireliği, Ekişehir, Türkiye
DOI : 10.31067/0.2020.309 Mobile health includes the utilization of information and communication technologies such as wearable technologies, message services and mobile devices in the area of health. The increase in the utilization of mobile devices which are a part of mobile health has affected the delivery of healthcare services and made them an effective instrument in care. On the other hand, mobile applications developing in parallel with mobile devices have begun to be used in different areas of health. One of these areas is mental health. Individuals suffering from mental problems prefer mobile applications due to a number of reasons like their usability, accessibility, as well as offering an environment far from stigmatization and an opportunity for self-management. Mobile applications are also an effective option for patients with schizophrenia which affects more than 21 million people in the world. Considering that these patients often need the support of caregivers and want to participate in the management of their illness actively; mobile applications are encountered as an opportunity. However, the literature stresses that patients with schizophrenia are regarded less in this respect and there is a limited number of studies. At this point, it is believed that this compilation, which aims to analyze mobile applications and their impacts on the care of patients with schizophrenia, will contribute to the literature. In this context, the compilation will touch upon mobile health, mobile applications and their development, strong and weak aspects of mobile applications, choice and evaluation of mobile applications, use of mobile applications in the area of mental health and their impacts on the care of patients with schizophrenia according to the literature knowledge. Keywords : Mobile applications, mobile health, mobile telephone, schizophrenia, psychiatric care