Acıbadem Üniversitesi Sağlık Bilimleri Dergisi 2016 , Vol 7, Issue 1
Is Early Surgical Treatment of Crohn's Disease Harmful Or Beneficial In Children?
Muazez Çevik1, Bilgi Baca2
1Acibadem University, Pediatric Surgery, İstanbul, Turkey
2Acibadem University, General Surgery, İstanbul, Turkey
Objectives: Crohn's disease is an increasingly common health problem in children. If untreated or treated inappropriately, it eventually results in complications. This report presents a case of suspected Crohn's disease with inflammation of the pelvic region with a review of the literature.

Case: An 11-year-old female was suspected of having Crohn's disease, but laboratory tests and biopsy by endoscopy failed to confirm the diagnosis. She had intra-abdominal inflammation, an enteroenteric fistula, and an abscess that did not resolve despite antibiotic treatment for 1.5 months. She was referred to us for diagnosis. We performed surgery with a provisional diagnosis of Crohn's disease; the pathology was consistent with Crohn's disease.

Conclusion: Surgery is indicated for the therapy and diagnosis of Crohn's disease under certain conditions. The treatment of Crohn's disease requires a multidisciplinary team. Keywords : children, crohn's disease, surgery