Acıbadem Üniversitesi Sağlık Bilimleri Dergisi 2020 , Vol 11, Issue 3
Determination of Anger Management and Communication Skills of Nurses
Arzu Aydoğan1,Birgül Özkan2
1Gülhane Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi, Eğitim Birimi, Ankara, Türkiye
2Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt Üniversitesi, Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi, Psikiyatri Hemşireliği Anabilim Dalı, Ankara, Türkiye
DOI : 10.31067/0.2020.295 Objective: It was conducted to determine communication skills scores and anger management points of nurses in this study.

Materials and Methods: Conducted as descriptive, this research was performed in a Training and Research Hospital between March and June 2017. The sample of the research included 144 nurses working in the hospital and accepted to participate in the study between the specified date. The data were collected by means of socio-demographic data collection form, Communication Skills Inventory (CSI) and State Anger and Anger Expression Scale (SAAES). The analysis of data was carried out in SPSS 22.0 package program.

Results: When the score averages that nurses get from the scales are considered, communication total score averages were found as 161.74±13.71; mental sub-dimension score averages which are the sub-scales of CSI, as 55.81±5.99; emotional sub-dimension score averages as 52.72±5.34 and behavioral sub-dimension score averages as 53.20±4.98. Sub-dimension score averages of SAAES were found as follows: state anger score averages were 17.18±4.11; intrinsic anger score averages were14.54±2.92; extrinsic anger score averages were 13.50±2.98 and anger control score averages were 21.36±3.74.

Discussion and Conclusion: It was found out that the communication skill levels of the nurses participated in the research were above the average. State anger and anger expression of nurses have an influence on their communication skills and within this direction, it is considered that providing anger management training to nurses at regular intervals will be influential on their communication skills. Keywords : Nurse, communication skills, anger