Acıbadem Üniversitesi Sağlık Bilimleri Dergisi 2020 , Vol 11, Issue 1
Newborn/neonatal Intensive Care Nursing: Awareness of The Roles and Care Criteria For Neonatal/ Neonatal Care
Emine Yarar1,Sibel Küçük2
1Bağımsız, Hemşirelik, Aksaray, Türkiye
2Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt Üniversitesi Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi, Hemşirelik Bölümü Çocuk Sağlığı ve Hastalıkları Hemşireliği , Ankara, Türkiye
DOI : 10.31067/0.2020.253 Purpose:The study was conducted to determine the awareness of newborn/neonatal intensive care unit nurses about roles and care criteria in relation to newborn/neonatal care.

Materials and Methods: The study was conducted with 116 NICU nurses, as descriptive. Data were collected using a questionnaire form that included 33 questions. For data evaluation, frequency, percentage, chi-square tests were used. The significance level was accepted as p<0.05.

Results: True answer levels about phototherapy need, wound care, starting oral feeding as roles that are decided with other health disciplines were high. Again, the most true/truest answer was given for independent roles such as diaper rash care, newborn-family communication. There was a significant difference between education level with newborn who took ventilator support, pain management, thermoregulation setting, starting oral feeding (p<0.05). Also, there was a significant difference between the working year and diaper rash care, working time at the intensive care unit and wound care and knowing wound care criteria (p<0.05).

Conclusion: It is determined that nurses could not do any certain analysis between roles that are decided as independent together with other health disciplines. It is suggested that awareness of nurses about this issue should be increased by education programsin order to realize nursing roles and to use them effectively in practice. Keywords : Care, intensive care, newborn, nurse, role